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فيلم الماسورة يحاول استكشاف السجن كمفهوم، ومعنى أن تأخذ حرية شخص ما.

هو تجربة سجن انفرادي تمتد أبعد من جدران الزنزانة. فالسجين ليس بالضرورة من هو خلف القضبان.

Haunting isolation and the need for a connection blur the lines of reality, and leave him in between two states. But as he loses control, his identity gets clearer and his prison turns out to be of his own making.

The Pipe explores the concept of imprisonment, and what it really means to take away someone’s freedom. It’s an experience of solitary prison that goes beyond the walls of a cell, for a prisoner is not always the one confined by walls.

Based on a true story.

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سامي زعرور، فنان وصانع أفلام مقیم في رام الله. حصل على درجة البكالوریوس في الفنون البصریة من الجامعة الأردنیة في عمان عام ٢٠١٢. أظھر منذ بدایاته القدرة على التعبیر الفني بطرق ووسائط متعددة، من التصميم إلى الرسم بمواده المختلفة إلى التصوير وصناعة الأفلام.

سامي جزء من “كولاج” شركة انتاج في رام الله منذ ٢٠١٢. وهو مؤسس مشارك في “آرت سين”: مساحة فنية مستقلة في رام الله.

Sami Zarour is a Graphic Designer, filmmaker and visual artist based in Ramallah, Palestine. He obtained a Bachelor degree in Visual Arts and design from the University of Jordan in 2012.

Since then, he has been a growing part of Collage Productions, In both the Design and the film departments, where his work includes visual communication and creative strategizing for Marketing & advertising, visual identity design, editorial and publication design, art and illustration. As well as Directing, Cinematography, and Video editing.

Sami’s narrative film directing debut was “The Pipe” A short film about imprisonment, produced by Collage Productions 2019. The Pipe continues to be screened in film festivals worldwide. And has won “Best Short Film” at the 5th Festival Cine Palestine – Paris.

He has also worked as a set decorator on numerous award winning film productions, Local and international (And ended up designing some of their posters).

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